Sheep Welfare

Sheep at White Antibodies used for Antibody, Serum & Plasma Production are routinely retired under a new scheme here in the United Kingdom

The animals will be Veterinary Inspected before being released from the protection of the UK ASPA Control to join a herd of long term grazing sheep used to promote and stimulate the growth of rare Wild Flowers and Plants.

In the short time the scheme has been running, Wild Flowers and Plants of National Interest have proliferated on the site.

Increased biodiversity + animal welfare = win win scenario

These animals will live out their natural life on the site and will continue to receive twice monthly Veterinary Inspections to ensure they are in the best health to carry out this work.

sheep antibodies

If you require Sheep Antibodies, Normal Sheep serum / plasma and you like the idea of animals going on to live long happy lives in our conservation grazing scheme please talk to us by following the link below