Live Antigen Antisera

Our Polyclonal Antibody service is carried out on our own sites in the UK operating under UK regulations, Licence Holders at White Antibodies have over 30 years experience in production environments with skill sets learnt working for some of the Largest Universities, Government Agencies and Medical Diagnostic / Pharmaceutical Businesses in the World.

White Antibodies have 30 years experience raising antisera to Live or a combination of live / steamed whole bacterial cell antigens. Some Bacteria will lose antigenicity if presented as a dead cell, it may be that the cell wall or flagella (depending on bacterium) is required in its live state to illicit a sustained IgG response.

Presenting a live antigen to an animal requires a flexible protocol where the health of each individual is critical, it is essential in the early stages of the schedule that smaller doses are administered to allow the animal to tolerate the antigen.

Facilities are regulated and Licenced to the highest standards operating to GMP standards.
Regular Veterinary Visits and consultation under pin our focus on High Standards of Welfare.

  • Our Polyclonal Antibody Service includes experience handling Live bacterial and viral antigens.
  • These can be held on site at -20C or -80C prior to inoculation.
  • We have experience designing protocols specifically for live antigens where tolerance to the initial
    Inoculations are vital for both a sustained IgG response and a healthy animal.
  • We regularly handle Class 2 & 3 organisms (ACDP), as part of our COSHH assessment it may be necessary to quarantine animals in negative containment buildings or individual pens.


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