Quality Native Syphilis Treponema pallidum (Nichols strain) Antigen

White Antibodies is one of the largest bulk manufacturers of Treponema pallidum antigen raw material for use in the manufacture of syphilis testing kits (TPHA) and as a Reagent for other testing regimes in the Syphilis Testing Market.

Our Treponemes were originally sourced from leading GUM clinics in London in the 1970’s, whilst it is possible that the bug may have changed over time, it is our policy to replenish our seed stock to ensure we have the most current  strains infecting the population. Several UK, USA and ASIAN treponema pallidum lines are held in our seed stocks, these are the current Nichols strain Treponema pallidum bugs infecting these continents.


We hold several cell lines of the Nichols strain of T.pallidum in secure offsite Liquid Nitrogen stores at three secure sites for use to seed production batches.

With over 30 years of experience refining production processes we have developed two key purity grades of antigen.

  1. Grade One – a cleaner harvest using refined processes.
  2. Grade Two – A superior antigen for use in TPHA manufacture containing background (ballast) cells of immune response which protects the treponemes during signification during kit manufacture.

Improved Sensitivity & Specificity

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