Blood Collecting and Processing

A range of normal serum products from our own donor animals or sourced through our partners available sterile or non sterile, animals are antibiotic / medication free. Custom collection services are available, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Blood is collected under a controlled Vacuum system using glass bottles or blood Collection Bags (suspended in a plexiglass vacuum chamber), both systems are treated as closed systems with all components sterile prior to use. Vacuum pressure and flow rates are controlled through out the process to ensure an even collection rate to avoid haemolysis.

The Buffy coat layer can be isolated if required.

Serum is collected from the sample 24hrs post collected and centrifuged prior to aliquoting Serum can be supplied raw (non filtered) or filtered to 0.2 microns.

Blood can be collected with a variety of anticoagulants to supply either whole blood or plasma. Whole blood is usually supplied fresh same day or stored at +4C prior to dispatch.

Plasma is processed immediately by centrifugation at 5020g force prior to closed system transfer to sterile transfer bags.

For any further enquiries or if you have a question, please don’t hesitiate to get in touch where one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help