The White Antibodies Approach

The process at White Antibodies begins with fit, healthy purpose bred Antibody Hosts.

Our Antibody Production Sheep are an F1 hybrid of Sheep breeds chosen for attributes that have the potential to;

  1. Respond more readily to a range of antigens (Hybrid Vigor)
  2. Produce larger volumes of serum once a high titre has been reached. (Larger Sheep Breeds)

In more general terms immune response to an antigen will involve the activation of B-lymphocytes, our sheep have the potential through hybrid vigor to demonstrate their superior immune responding qualities  with faster response times and higher titre levels. To further the advantage of this trait our refined production bleed protocols coupled with larger peak adult weights lead to high end volumes that exceed Industry Standards.

White Antibodies offer a variety of Custom Services to fit your production needs and have vast experience and expertise in Contract Antibody Production in Sheep, Goats, Alpacas & Rabbits.

White Antibodies Polyclonal Antibody Services produce the largest volumes of serum and antibodies and offer flexibility to meet your needs.