White Antibodies replenishes live seed stocks of treponema pallidum bugs held at its secure offsite Liquid N2 storage plant.


Stocks of treponema pallidum (the causative agent of Syphilis) were originally sourced from GUM clinics of the top Hospitals in London during the 1970’s.

In 2016 a fresh sample of the bug was obtained with the view that there may be an advantage to using the current version of the Nichols strain of treponema pallidum as seed stock for bulk production of the bug for the Medical Diagnostic Manufacturing Industry.


Each Year a selection of seed stocks are grown and checked for morphology & motility prior to extraction into a treponeme survival medium, multiple versions of this fragile bug is flash frozen in liquid Nitrogen and placed back in storage where it can be used to seed bulk manufacture for the coming year.


Some seed lines are viable after 20 years in suspended animation.


White Antibodies supply the treponema pallidum antigen to manufacturers of diagnostic kits around the Globe.


Samples are available in the following cell concentrations;


6.0 x 108 Organisms / ml

7.0 x 108 Organisms / ml

8.0 x 108 Organisms / ml

9.0 x 108 Organisms / ml

1.0 x 109 Organisms / ml

Treponema pallidum antigen